I meant to post this a while ago, but alas it was hidden away in the depths of my journal. Last year I went through an unexpected “heartbreak” (most of them are unexpected). If I’m being honest, I was miserable for a bit. But being the optimist I am, I wrote about why getting hurt is a good thing.

I am going to directly quote my journal. I made good points, but the hurt is still there. I am glad that I have given up those feelings of rejection and bitterness. If you are hurting, I can promise you that those feelings will subside and you can get to a better place in your life.

When it happened–I was torn up inside, angry, and empty all at the same time. I know it is silly, but at that time I thought I would never get over it. I thought that my heart would never fix itself and that I would always be broken on the inside. While I haven’t started dating again, I know that I am not broken and that I am deserving of love and a healthy relationship.

Falling in love and then face-planting on what felt like cement has made me emotionally intelligent. I am more empathetic and aware of my actions as well as other people’s actions. I used to not understand the complex idea of love and why/how other people were in love. I am starting to understand more. I no longer make fun of those in love or those having “boy” problems. Being hurt has given me a clear idea of what I actually want from a partner and from myself.

I feel like this experience was a “rite of passage”. Unfortunately, nearly everyone feels heartbroken at some point. Now I am just another member of the club.

This was a very vulnerable post and not one that was easy for me to write. I hope this is relatable and helpful.


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3 thoughts on “HEARTBROKEN

  1. There may be good reasons for hurting sometimes. I agree with you. After 3years of being fooled it suddenly ended. The devastation, anger, guilt and pain shook me. Now I’m able to look at him and past and not feel any negativity. I’ve learnt to be a better person, built myself and known my worth.
    After all behind every suffering is joy.

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