Let That Man Go 

What is holding you back? We need to stop holding on to things or people that are keeping us from succeeding or being truly happy. There is a reason that person isn’t in your life. One, they left. Or two, you made them leave (purposely or not). Either way you need to stop pouring energy into thinking about them when you could be pouring your energy into your passions and goals. A thing or person is in your life if it is meant to be that way. When you are following your passions and living a healthy (mentally) life that is when good things and good people will present themselves. Focus on your present situation, don’t worry about past relationships or upcoming ones. Switch your mindset and learn to let things go. It might not be a man or woman, it might not even be a person. Whatever is causing you large amounts of stress and pain, you need to let it go. Your life will start taking off when you are not constrained by past events, things, or people. Spend a few moments analyzing your soul or whatever you call it and become aware of the life you want and what you need to let go in order to achieve that. Maybe you won’t find this useful, but I know for myself when I let go of my stressors I started achieving things I thought I couldn’t. My quality of life and general happiness have improved so much just by chilling out essentially.

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