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Color Prep Review

I have been dyeing my hair for a while. But, I like to keep my hair from getting damaged. Before I dye my hair I like to use some sort of color prep system. This will strip dull color from your hair and leave it your natural hair color.

The color prep I used this time around was from Color Oops. It’s a simple process. All you do is follow the instructions and mix the two products together. Then you apply to your hair evenly and let it process for up to 30 minutes. After it is done processing you rinse your hair out with shampoo, preferably a clarifying shampoo. If you have long and thick hair you might have to do this twice. Overall, I am pleased with the results. It was a fairly easy process and now I am ready to recolor my hair. The only thing I didn’t care for was the smell, but all similar products have that. I recommend using this every time you are about to recolor your hair. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!


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